Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Decade of ChitraSanthe at CKP

The crowd at this years Chitra Santhe, 10th year running wild...

The excitement of ChitraSanthe overwhelms our Bangalore crowd to watch different varieties of artworks on a single stretch of road from Shivananda Circle to Windsor Manor bridge.

This year emphasis was given to the size I feel, to get more sanctions from the government.

Management is trying all possible means to keep the artists away and encourage people to showcase crafts, artificial flowers, sarees, etc.,

The day is not far when inner-wear will be sold in the exhibition halls.

Ah ha....sarees did i mention, well there are here to be passed off as artworks.

Each year event curators select and display paintings from established artists, upcoming artists and also graduating students work to showcase in the halls for 3 days.

I found one painting which was total rip-off of Tyeb Mehta which was proudly displayed and will be visited by lakhs of educated folks.

In the chitrasante entry form, it is clearly mentioned that crafts, prints, and other displays are not to be sold and all displayed artworks should be by a single artist. But lo, I found this lady selling calendars and photographs framed for sale, she even objected me photographing her stall so i had to take a long shot....

Saw some beautiful executed artworks with color ball pens by an artist from Belgaum.

One of the fiber glass sculpture which was life size found on the crescent road

An NGO put up some artworks of established artists for sale which were donated for charity.

This artist was found painting with coffee powder mixed with water.

In the midst of these santhe atmosphere, there is one small family who is unmoved by the happenings at the Chitrakala campus, they have come for a picnic on a Sunday and do not wish to be disturbed. What say?

This traveller from Kuravpur seems to have come only to display a set of 4 paintings drawn and painted with watercolor of the avatars of Dattatreya.  He did not wish to sell them for a price when asked. You can see notice the glowing smile.

Jai Guru Datta - Shri Guru Datta

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