Monday, November 28, 2011

Stories Found on Wooden Temple Chariots

South Indian Temple boasts of having one or more carved chariots, either in wood or silver to take the deity during annual festivals on to the streets among the famous temples. 

Silver Chariot - V.V.Puram, Bangalore

Carvings of musicians, sages and animals from mythology were chosen for display

Dasavatara and Astalakshmi were widely used among few chariots 

Each chariot convey a different story to the viewers 

Carving of Parrot with human body from puranas

There are intricate carvings on them of gods and goddess  and sometimes of animals.

On a visit to Dharmastala last week, I saw among the exhibits one wooden chariot with exemplary carvings of Kamasutra on them and was dumfounded. Hope you will all enjoy them!

Erotic postures 

Intricate carvings

Complicated Group acts

Erotic postures

Erotic postures

Erotic postures 

Practice of oral sex acts 

Sex with multiple partners

Descriptive lessons involved in group sex

Logs of wood are of different thickness

Highly skilled craftsman have worked on these sculptures 

Different themes on different layers were formed 

Full nude damsels 

Musicians and positions of various Kamasutra 

Yaksha's  were also frequently used along with the deities