Sunday, January 31, 2010

7th Chitra Santhe - Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath

The entrance to the Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath was decked with a large mask and huge paintings on the pillars on either sides of the entry gate.

Traditional motifs filled the walls on the exteriors of the Chitrakala Parishath Admin Complex.

During the inauguration of the event time, there was performing art by state folk group.

Despite assurance from the Admin staff from the committee that hobbyists would be barred from participating in this event, I could locate an engineer by profession displaying his watercolors as part of the stall.

One of the widely missed individual "Michael Jackson" in one of the stalls for sale.

'Bottle Art' - bottles of all shapes and sizes were painted with beautiful old masters and their creations.

Scenes, Buddhas, and Ganeshas dominated majority of the stalls as usual.

Natural wood formations in different forms and semi-abstract forms made good curios.

During the closing time, a lot of people striked a deal to buy their dream artworks for a song.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Flying Colours - Kite Flying Festival

Kite lovers filled the palace ground on the Republic Day to watch the flying colors, young and the old alike enjoyed the sky being lit up with various designs of innovative kites.

Kite clubs from Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Mangalore & Hyderabad participated in this event.

The Mangalore Team flew the largest kite in the shape of a Kathakali Dancer’s Face with the aid of 3 assistants.

Aircraft designs dominated few stalls

Bangalore Police Commissioner Mr Shankar Bidari was the CG